Company Profile:

        We Maruti Industries one of the leading manufacturers of Glass Ampoules and Capillaries in India.

Maruti Industries was established in 1996 and started manufacturing Ampoules for Pharmaceutical purposes like injection for Humans. We also manufacture Capillary Tubes used for Defence, Research applications, Malaria Blood Testing and Pharmaceutical Lab Testing Purpose. The office is located in the heart of the city of Haveri District in Karnataka.

The factory, well connected by road and rail, is situated in the K.S.S.I.D.C., Industrial Estate in Ijarilakmapur, near Haveri City on a sprawling land of 9200 sq.fts, of which the constructed area is 7,000 sqft. Free from pollution and chemicals, the factory environs are beautifully landscaped and well maintained.

In tune with our Good Manufacturing Practices, we manufacture glass ampoules and Capillary Tubes with the state-of-the-art machinery - the best available in India.

Market Share:

We have been in this business for the last 14 years and we have very experienced team in our production & quality department. We have developed an excellent reputation for providing high quality products to customers.

Ampoules of different capacities ranging from 1 ml to 25 ml, both in Clear and Amber Neutral Glass are made here under stringent quality measures and well trained and experienced workers.
The factory has an installed capacity to produce 10 Crore Ampoules per annum and 50 Lakh Capillaries per annum.

Our strong commitment to quality and prompt service has earned us a good clientele both in the domestic as well as the international market, who include major pharmaceutical companies.

In today’s tough market and also to further increase the confidence level of its customers the organisation has decided to develop and implement a Quality Management System as per international standards.

Our Mission:

To continuously strive to attain higher levels of operational efficiency, to upgrade skills of workman and automation of unskilled job and to make the system more efficient, cost effective ultimately to produce quality products at competitive price.

Our Vision:

To continuously expand, diversify and sustain the growth, to strive for overall development of every individual working and to commit and contribute towards society and environment.

Quality Policy:

To produce products to highest quality, to involve process online checking and inspection at every stage and process and to produce products of zero defects with thin tolerance, accuracy and precision.

We at Maruti Industries shall continuously aim at improving and enhancing the work culture, the process and the inspection methods to continuously satisfy customer growing needs and quality levels.

Quality :

Quality is something we take in our stride, for it is an inseparable part of right conduct and work ethics. Our quality standards act as a bench mark for the entire industry.

We have very strict quality checks in place and our products are of impeccable reputation. At Maruti Industries, quality-consciousness is directly proportionate to customer expectations. Our quality standards speak volumes about our commitment towards development of a disease free world.

Packing :

We have a top quality checking Department.  The Ampoules and Capillaries are checked at three levels before it is packed for despatch.

Level 1.  Each Ampoule and Capillary is checked for all complaints like diameter; parameter, deformation, glazing, particulate printing matter etc. and they are put in boxes.

Level 2.   Each box undergoes a thorough check for all its contents and any defective item found will be removed.

Level 3.  Boxes are selected at random and they undergo again a thorough check.  The boxes are then sealed and kept for despatch.

All these three level checking is carried out in air-conditioned sealed department. The boxes once sealed are brought out and kept for despatch.

Special Rewards & Recognition :

The unit is promoted and managed by techno entrepreneur Sri. Ravi R. Mudhol. He has passed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from one of the premier institute of India and also has done his Masters in Business Administration in Finance. He has vast experience and expertise in the current business.

He has been awarded as the Best Business Achiever award in the year 2005 from the Christ College of Management, Bangalore in co-ordination with the Government of Karnataka. The unit has generated local employment for nearly 60 people in the region providing all facilities to the staff like Provident Fund and Pension.

Our Goal :

To be the market leader, to manufacture products with zero defects and zero wastage and to look for alternative fuels and process to save energy, time and money, to be an effective organisation to act in the direction of preservation and care for nature and society at large.