Laboratory Glass Products

At Maruti Industries, we manufacture Laboratory Glass Products of highest Quality. The Unit is currently exporting and also catering to strong and reputed clientele in domestic markets.The most salient Laboratory Glass Products we manufacture are:

  1. Vacum and Non Vacum Blood Collection Tubes
  2. Precision Glass Capillary Tubes
  3. Glass Dropper and Dropper Assemblies
  4. Glass Test Tubes
  5. Laboratory Glass Ware

Quality Policy:

We ensure that products manufactured by us are of highest Quality. To ensure that the products are of highest Quality, we strictly adhere to our Quality policy outlined below:
  • To produce to highest quality.
  • To involve process of online checking and inspection at every stage and process.
  • To produce products of zero defects with thin tolerance, accuracy and precision.
  • We at Maruti Industries shall continuously aim at improving and enhancing the work culture, the process and the inspection methods to continuously satisfy customer growing needs and quality levels.

Lab Glass Products

Lab Glass Tubes

Lab Glass Ware